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Beating the Odds

Dr. Monteic A. Sizer is a minister of the gospel, clinical-community psychologist, consultant, national motivational speaker, husband, and loving father of four children. His driving passion is to help God’s people fulfill and live out purpose.

Dr. Sizer’s authentic, passionate, and highly energetic message has inspired, challenged, and moved to action audiences from across the country. His firm belief is that God has given each of us gifts and talents to be used for his glory and the betterment of others. Dr. Sizer encourages his audiences to not let birth status, poverty, race, limited education, societal ills, family challenges, and past personal failures cause them to not seek God and the purpose he has for their lives. It is within God’s purpose that one finds genuine happiness, uncovers gifts, and achieves dreams.

Dr. Sizer’s life is proof that one’s birth and social status does not determine destiny. He was raised in poverty by a single mother and grandmother in Southside Homes, a public housing community in Charlotte, North Carolina. He witnessed firsthand the devastation that poverty, drugs, crime, and hopelessness can have on individuals, families, and communities.

Dr. Sizer left high school when he was in the eleventh grade in order to get a job and financially care for his mother and younger sister. While his mother was initially disappointed with the decision made, she understood and was relieved when he told her that he would get his high school diploma and then graduate multiple times from college. She knew that when he said he was going to do something, it was as good as done. Dr. Sizer went on to earn not only his high school diploma, but also Associates, Bachelors, and Ph.D. degrees. He did this while working one job as a community college student, three jobs as an undergraduate student, and one as a graduate student.

It was Dr. Sizer’s faith and dogged determination that got him through. It was also a burning desire to put himself in position to be able speak with authority to the mountains of poverty, crime, family breakdown, personal failures, and limited education that so many of his friends, family, and members of his former community knew all too well. Dr. Sizer wants everyone who is willing to work hard to be able to achieve the American Dream.

Dr. Sizer’s professional experiences in organized philanthropy, politics, education reform, and as leader of several large health and human services organizations, allow him to speak practically about relevant policies, procedures, and programs needed to help the poor and vulnerable populations become successful. His work as a clinical-community psychologist serving poor and underserved population in educational settings, community-based mental health centers, prisons, and forensic hospitals further grounds his knowledge of what works to assist the poor and what does not.

To further understand the issues of poverty, Dr. Sizer researched the correlation between home, school, and community influences on academic achievement. He also examined ethnic socialization and its impact on educational success. Dr. Sizer’s doctoral dissertation focused on the ecological factors (i.e., home, school, community, parental socialization, peer relationships, etc.) that contribute to juvenile delinquency. He has also conducted research in the areas of parental involvement, African American homicide causality, and disaster management and planning.

Dr. Sizer lives by the adage of to whom much is given much is required. He strives to do those things which are purposeful and pleasing to God. Because in the end, “What does it matter if a man gains the whole world and losses his soul?” With the little time we have on this earth, we should make it count. And when our time comes to leave this world, we should be able to say, I have fought the good fight and now it is finished!