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Law Office of Veronica L. Howard

The Law Office of Veronica L. Howard offers a wide range of professional services. Detailed below are our specialty areas. Please call or email for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Education Policy and Law

• School Board General Counsel

• Advising Superintendents and Administrators

• Lobbying

• Policy Development and Implementation

• Community Engagement/Coalition Building

Business Law

• Purchase and Sell Agreements

• Promissory Note Drafting

• Contract Development and Negotiation

• Articles of Incorporation Preparation

• Bill of Sales

Estate Planning

• Drafting Testaments (Wills) and Donations

• Probating Testaments (Wills)

• Successions

• Drafting Trust Instruments

Disaster Recovery Law

• Stafford Act Interpretation

• Privacy Act Implementation

• Individual Assistance Advising

• Public Assistance Advising