Reverend Dr. Monteic A. Sizer

Reverend Dr. Monteic A. Sizer is the founding President and CEO of the Judah Lion Group.

Dr. Sizer agreed to serve as Executive Director of the Northeast Delta Human Services Authority, a twelve-parish regional behavioral health, addiction, prevention, and developmental disability agency. He chose to lead this organization so that his vast clinical and administrative skills could be used to help improve the lives and social systems found in Louisiana’s Delta.

 Dr. Sizer used his leadership and administrative gifts while serving as the President and CEO of the Louisiana Family Recovery Corps, a long-term disaster recovery organization created by former Louisiana Governor Kathleen B. Blanco and the Louisiana Legislature after Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Sizer continued to serve the citizens of Louisiana through the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike.

Dr. Sizer is a thoughtful leader, consultant, and nationally recognized keynote speaker. His driving passion is to help God’s people fulfill and live out purpose. Dr. Sizer’s authentic, passionate, and highly energetic messages have inspired, challenged, and moved to action audiences from across the country. Dr. Sizer’s firm belief is that God has given each of us gifts and talents to be used for God’s glory and the betterment of others. Dr. Sizer encourages his audiences not to let birth status, poverty, race, limited education, societal ills, family challenges, and past personal failures cause them not to seek God and His purpose for their lives. It is within God’s purpose that one genuinely finds happiness, uncovers gifts, and achieves dreams.

Dr. Sizer’s experiences functioning as a clinical-community psychologist, serving poor and underserved populations in educational settings, community-based mental health centers, prisons, and forensic hospitals, has given him a profound knowledge of the poor.
Some of Dr. Sizer’s academic research has examined the correlation between home, school, and community influences on academic achievement, crime, and community instability.

Dr. Sizer also researched ethnic identity, the causes of African American homicide, and juvenile delinquency. He is also an expert in the fields of trauma and behavioral and primary healthcare integration.

Dr. Sizer earned a Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of South Carolina. He completed his clinical residency at William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute. He holds Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude) degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Pfeiffer College, and an Associate degree in Applied Science from Central Piedmont Community College. Dr. Sizer is also a Leadership and Political Fellow.