Strategies International

Strategies International is a Limited Liability Company principally operated by Dr. Monteic A. Sizer. Dr. Sizer has more than twenty-five years of project management, clinical, research, administrative, and public policy experience.

Dr. Sizer’s primary areas of programmatic and policy expertise are leadership development, health and human services administration, mental health reform, juvenile delinquency prevention and intervention, K-12/higher education policy and advocacy, workforce development, program evaluation, and disaster recovery planning. Dr. Sizer’s political and strategy expertise is in candidate development, campaign management, policy development and implementation, issues management, coalition building, lobbying, and behavioral science research.

During his career, Dr. Sizer has served in numerous executive-level positions. He has conducted many high profile program evaluations and managed large research projects. Additionally, Dr. Sizer has advised public and private sector leaders on a wide range of policy, political, and social issues. He has also managed political campaigns, been a lobbyist, and led organizational change efforts.

If you would like Dr. Sizer to put his immense experience to work for you and to learn more about how our expert services can give you the winning edge needed in today’s competitive society, contact him at 225-775-9240. You can also email Dr. Sizer at

List of Services Provided

We provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and service needs. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call or email for more information and learn how our current professional services and customized options can assist you.

Education Policy and Implementation

• Education Lobbying
• Charter School Consultation
• K-12 Policy Development and Implementation
• Program Research and Evaluation
• Parental and Community Engagement
• Organizational Assessment and Development
• Technical Assistance Provider

Organizational Development

• Organizational Change Strategies
• Leadership Development
• Board Development
• Nonprofit Management
• Strategic Planning
• Crisis Management
• Program Design and Evaluation

Political Consulting and Public Policy

• Health and Human Services
• Mental Health Reform
• Juvenile Justice
• Campaign Strategy
• Coalition Building
• Candidate Development
• Lobbying

Business and Workforce Development

• Business Startup Services
• Business Assessment
• Contract Preparation and Negotiation
• Buyer and Seller Identification
• Staff Training and Development
• Project Management

Disaster Recovery Planning and Evaluation

• Disaster Case Management
• Program Management and Evaluation
• Disaster Recovery Policy and Implementation
• Strategic Planning
• Disaster Housing
• Governmental Relations